Gainesville Hearing Aid Center has a wide range of services to evaluate your hearing, identify the best solution, and verify the performance of hearing devices. Contact us in Gainesville, Florida, for more information about our hearing tests and evaluations.

Video Otoscopy

The Video Otoscope is a device to visually examine your ear canal. A small camera is inserted into your ear and the image is displayed on a screen.


Identification of Hearing Level

You will be given an audiometric examination to determine your hearing level. This includes air conduction, bone conduction, and speech discrimination tests. This battery of tests will determine the amount of any hearing loss, the type of loss, and the correction required to improve your hearing. If the results of your audiometric test suggest a medical problem, we will refer you to your physician for a consultation. Once your doctor has cleared any medical condition, we will be able to recommend the best solution for your long-term hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Analyzer

Electronic analysis of your new or old hearing aid can determine if the instrument is functioning properly. Tests include frequency response, gain and output, battery drain, input and output, and distortion.

Real-Ear Measurement System

Real-Ear measurement verifies the performance of the hearing aid. A small microphone is placed in the ear canal and the amplification of the hearing aid is measured in your ear canal while you are wearing the hearing aid. If required, the hearing instrument can be fine-tuned to maximize performance.


REM Live Speech Mapping

This Analyzer is similar to the Real-Ear Measurement System, but uses live speech signals instead of speech-weighted noise. This system displays in real time the aided performance of your hearing aid on a screen. Live speech mapping ensures the hearing aid remains within the boundaries of your soft, comfortable, and loud hearing range. Live speech mapping provides a unique opportunity for you to “see” and understand the benefits of advanced hearing systems.


Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

Sometimes additional equipment may be helpful to maximize your hearing experience. For example, at night or early in the morning, when you are not wearing your hearing aids, you may not be able to hear the phone or door bell. ALDs are available to flash a lamp when someone calls on the phone or rings the door bell. Closed Captioning may aid comprehension of television programs. Phones with amplifiers are available to help you better converse with your friends and family.  Optional excessories can be added to some hearing aids to make them compatible with wireless Bluetooth® cell phones and microphones. Other devices may facilitate better hearing in Church or classroom settings. We will recommend appropriate ALDs for you.

On-Site Service, Repair and Modification

Our factory trained staff is able to service all makes and models of hearing aids, most right in our office. Modification and repair of ear molds is provided in our lab. Many hearing aid repairs are also available on site. Because of the complexity of new digital designs, some repairs must be sent to the factory.

Hearing Conservation

Those working in noisy conditions may require ear plugs to protect their hearing. Recreational activities such as hunting, exposure to noisy engines, or loud music may also necessitate protective devices.


Aural Rehabilitation

The fitting of your hearing aids is only the beginning of your hearing experience. It will take time for you to reacquaint yourself to the hearing world. Your brain has to relearn how to recognize speech signals. We will counsel and recommend strategies to attain the greatest benefit from your hearing aids. Some of these strategies may include the education of family and friends, where to position yourself in noisy environments, and how to successfully make the hearing instrument a part of your daily life.

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